U.S. PATENT #8215453

Device In Extended Position


Device Stored Under An SUV


Device In Collapsed Position

Vehicle Utility Ladder engages a vehicle to safely allow access to the roof and hard-to-reach areas of a car, SUV, boat, or other vehicle.
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Purpose of the Invention

Vehicle Utility Ladder is a graduated, bow-shaped ladder with cushioned padding and adjustable footing. These features allow consumers to safely and conveniently wash, rinse or wax a vehicle of any size without straining to reach the roof, or scratching the paint. This unique product also makes it easier to load equipment onto a roof rack or administer repair work such as installing aftermarket accessories. Consumers could also use this product around the house for reaching a high shelf or cleaning a tall china cabinet. Anyone who is looking for a ladder that better facilitates access to a vertical or lateral surface could benefit from this product.

Problems Solved by the Invention

Ladders are used on a daily basis for work related tasks or for accessing elevated areas or items. When it comes to reaching the rooftop or upper sides of a car, truck, SUV, or other type of vehicle many users will hesitate to use a conventional ladder. A step ladder may not provide enough height and an extension ladder would scratch the vehicle and could easily fall over and injure the user. Without the use of some sort of ladder, users may be inclined to climb on doorjambs and hang from roof racks and other unstable fixtures. A safer solution is needed that more effectively engages a vehicle.

Detailed Description

Vehicle Utility Ladder is an extendable device that collapses for easy storage and has optional attachments for holding tools, cleaning supplies and other equipment. This item may be comprised of a ladder with a bow-shaped configuration enabling the reach to extend further from the base, on which the footing of the ladder rests. The ladder may be constructed with sections that are collapsible and receivable within other sections so that the ladder may be transported and stored in a compact form. The legs can be telescopic with locking mechanisms that enable users to securely lock the ladder at various heights, and extend from 8’-14’ for accessing RVs and other oversized vehicles. The base of the ladder can include feet that pivot or rotate for adjusting to various ground surfaces. The top of the ladder may have rubber pads that pivot or rotate for resting against a vehicle in a secure manner without leaving scratch marks or causing other unsightly damage. This device may measure approximately 8’-14’H by 18”-20”W. Materials, methods of construction and other specifications may vary upon manufacturing.